With LinkBetter you can protect yourself from harmful content posted on the web, rewriting your online identity through digital communication strategies and IT experts.

The Web is a canvas on which to (re) write who you are, whenever you want

Who are you on the web?

Do you know your online identity? If typing your name or your brand name into search engines like Google shows negative content on the first pages, then your reputation or that of your brand is compromised.

Linkbetter is the service by Tutela Digitale that improves your online reputation thanks to a Positive SEO plan (construction of websites and blogs, creation of personal and corporate social networks) and Link Building and Digital PR activities that push back negative results from Google’s front pages.

Linkbetter thus creates a "new and positive" digital identity that enhances your online reputation, counteracts any negative news and allows you to keep tabs on content that concerns you.

Your digital identity with LinkBetter

Siti Web e Social Network

With LinkBetter we can build a tailor-made digital identity to restore your online image by building websites, blogs, portfolios, CVs, personal and corporate social networks.

Positive SEO

We guarantee the positioning of your new digital identity on Google’s first page, thanks to Positive SEO strategies and the drafting of positive content associated with your name and/or brand.

Siti Web e Social Network

Through a specific strategy you can completely renew your online knowledge, developing rewarding relationships for your future and improving your reputation in the top positions of the Google search engine.

Why choose LinkBetter


  • Optimising brand visibility on the first pages of search engines
  • Coordinated management of the internal and external team of the company
  • Planning of online communication strategies on specific objectives
  • Protection and active control of the brand on the web and on social media
  • Strategic brand reputation management consulting
  • Online risk assessment and reputational crisis management


  • Protection of personal and professional digital identity
  • Pushing back search engine results which are harmful to the person
  • Construction of a new positive digital identity studied on the person and on the profession
  • Complete management of web and social media management activities
  • Online threat analysis and crisis management
  • Time and cost of reputational restoration alternative to legal procedures

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Monitor, Remove, Rebuild

The need to rebuild an identity online may arise from the presence of negative links or from a past identity that no longer reflects the current one. LinkBetter rebuilds, but it is not the only tool offered by Tutela Digitale.

Thanks also to LinkMonitor and Linkiller, you can keep your online reputation under control in real time on over 150 million sources (Social Networks, Sites, Blogs, newspapers) and remove negative content from the web that concerns you if it is dated or in violation of your image / privacy right.