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Eliminate the past by telling something new

Building your digital identity is the first step to protecting your online reputation.

LinkBetter proposes a customized SEO strategy, developed to increase the position of positive content and push back the negative content on Google.

Search results are usually listed according to parameters established by the main search engine, Google.

Thanks to its programs, called crawlers in jargon (monitoring of the html language and any digital content published on the web), websites are mapped and inserted in an index or SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

The operation of these programs allows a website to be indexed (positioned on the first pages of Google).

All the interventions applied to a website so that it can climb the Google index are digital content optimization activities to improve the positioning on the search engine, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

Several studies have shown that during a Google search, the user's attention is focused only on the very first results. The eye tends to focus on a visual triangle on the left of the page. It follows that only 2-3 results can be decisive. This gives the idea of the power of a search result at the top of a Google page.

Together with our SEO and digital communication experts, we generate positive online content. Thanks to established techniques, we are able to completely rewrite your digital identity, obtaining the best positions in the Google SERP. In this way, the negative news slips into the lower positions, while the positive content emerges.

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